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15th,March, 2008   With entrepreneurial dream and 8 years of experience in LED field,two young men set up the company named Glory Century, dedicated themselves to researching and generalizing LED drivers and control system.

2009  Factory founded in Fuyong, Shenzhen was built in 500 square meters, and specialized in manufacturing lighting products.

2010   Factory was moved to Guzhen,Zhongshan and expanded to 1500 square meters.

2011   LED driver research and production base was set up in Shenzhen, and LED tube lighting project  was launched in zhongshan factory.


2012   Transformed our overall company into LED commercial lighting, and LED bulb lighting project was launched.

2013   Factory was expanded into 2100 square meters, and renamed as SVA Lighting Co.,LTD

2014   Output of LED tube surpassed 150,000 per month, and led bulbs, 200,000 per month.

       Factory was moved to  Maohui Industrial Area at the end of the year and expanded to 5000 square meters.

2015    Are you ready.......?

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